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Melchert Collies Flibb Melchert, Tonnenbergstrasse 5, 73441 Bopfingen/Aufhausen
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We plan puppies in tricolour and blue merle

The Collie is a dream of a dog. Since 1995, i have a private lover breeding of noble breed Collie and am breeder of passion. In my kennel only absolutely genetically healthy puppies without CEA, HD or even the MDR1 gene defect are born. I am Collie breeders with British and American lines in all 4 colors Collie: Sablewhite that is the color of the famous movie dog "Lassie", which is well known to all. Sablewhite occurs in all shades of honey bright to a dark mahogany. Something rare, although actually the original color of longhair Collies is a tricolor, this beautiful Collie is mainly glossy black with beautiful white badge. Just a little less often, because not so easy to breed, are the Blue Merle Collies, for friends of the breed something special, these magnificent dogs are silverblue - black marbled. In addition, I breed sometimes also the white Collie with colored head. This truly exceptional dogs come about through the white-factor, the both parents must contribute so that there are white puppies. Its stunningly charming and lovable character of the Collie is an absolutely easy to leading faithful companion, family dog ​​and playmate for children. His beautiful long coat is very easy to maintain and almost odorless. Even without wishing to purchase an small collie puppy, do not hesitate to for any further information and questions contact with me. Our puppies we have decided to only in responsible and loving hands. Family connection is an absolute requirement. About a call or email we would be delighted. Also suggested retail visits us and our dogs always welcome. All Collie puppies are equipped with a microchip of course, vaccinated, dewormed, are by the vet, get the EU passport and a pedigree. On my other sides, there are still a lot of information about my controlled by the official veterinarian and the veterinary office, approved and protected FCI standard Collie breeding. In addition, there are of course many beautiful photos of my collies.
 Here is a description of the breed rough Collie.

Collie Welpen
11 Collie puppies are there on the Sofa, but only the top row is from Plush

Collierüde tricolour
Rough Collie dog from Hause Melchert greets all Collie friends

Here resides the Collies and People from Hause Melchert

Collie Welpen in blue merle

Collie Züchter vom Hause Merlchert

Shenandoa and Jascha may celebrate wedding

Collie Rüde blue merle, Zuchtrüde
My Collie dog Ontario earned on the CACIB in Dortmund the V1. He is Austrian Junior - Champion. Ontario stands at stud available

Collie Breeder with puppies
Collie puppies cuddle hour

Collie Hündin blue merle

Collie Hündin aus der Colliezucht vom Hause Melchert
Rough Collie
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If you are looking for a full-fledged, really absolutely healthy plus beautiful and incorruptible family member that goes with you through thick and thin, then you are right with us. Family Connection is a condition and essential.                                              
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