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    Flibb Melchert, Tonnenbergstrasse 5, 73441 Bopfingen/Aufhausen

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Animals - especially of course the collie - are always my big love. That's why many big and small animals live in our house. And a lot of wonderful fishes. My hobby is the aquaristik, my love and passion belongs to the collies.
Our collies are members of the family and loyal friends who accompany us everywhere there. A life without this pretty, amusing and noble collie is inconceivable for us. That's why I breed this wonderful dogs since many years. My wish is to breed healthy, self-confident and socialised puppies, and absolutely on the people and their environment are embossed.
The Collie puppis are born in the sitting room, on the dearly loved sofa which is usually taboo! The first 5-6 weeks the small puppies are in the house with us. Then they may move into the garden in a great puppy - house. There they learn perfektly dog behaviour from my adult collie.
Our dogs have a big property, an adventure playground for the puppies. All my dogs are free the whole day and are never locked in. Because the puppies can always leave their puppy - house, they are clean very soon and do not stain the flat with excrement.
Every day we get the small collie in our house and also in the car, so that they learn everything what they need for her later life with the new family.
Only absolutely healthy dogs come in my breeding. They are very friendly to child and cat and other small animals. All my collies are HD freely, CEA-PRA-Katarakt freely and to the breeding are recommended. The puppies are examined by the veterinarian, are inoculated, released from worms and receive a Microchip. Moreover, they receive an EU passport and of course her pedigree.
When the puppies are 8 weeks old, comes the hard time of farewell for me, i know their individual characteristics in every detail. Of course i never forget the puppies and i feel obliget the whole dogs life long and i am allways available with advice then there are problems. I try to help then, as far as it is possible. Also a vacation support is possible, if this is in time agreed upon. With the delivery you receive the most important for the first weeks: a bag filled with toy, fodder, feeding guidance with practical tips, chewing articles, puppy collar and a beautiful dog leash, so that you do not stand there at the beginning with empty hands. Also there are some photos from the time of the 1st day up to the 8th week, so that you can after-pursue the development of your dog baby at least a little bit.

For all questions I am available always with pleasur!
Flibb Melchert 

Melchert Collies, Züchter aus Baden Württemberg

Collie Welpen vom VDH Züchter in Württemberg 

collies vom Hause Melchert
My husband Gert, without him would all this not possible

Flibb Melchert / Collie Züchterin Baden Württemberg

Collie Züchter vom Hause Melchert
Collie breeder Flibb Melchert

collies vom Hause Melchert in Württemberg

If you are looking for a full-fledged, really absolutely healthy plus beautiful and incorruptible family member that goes with you through thick and thin, then you are right with us. Family Connection is a condition and essential.

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