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Collies from Hause Melchert

The really special rough collie, for Collie friends who are looking for the extraordinary
White rough collies of absolutely hereditary american and british lines.
All parents are CEA free, HD free, DM N / N and MDR1 +/+

Collie Welpen Langhaar in weiß Weiße Colliewelpen

Collie Welpen vom Hause Melchert

Collie Welpen vom Hause Melchert

white collie puppies

weißer Collie Rüde
My white Collie male "Shirocco white Sensation"

Weiße Welpen vom Hause Melchert
White Collie puppies from my last litter 2017

Weiße Colliewelpen

Collie Welpen Langhaar in weiß

Collie Welpe in weiß

weiße Collie welpen

Here you can see a selection of images from a litter of 2014
colliewelpen X-wurf
colliewelpen vom Hause Melchert

colliewelpen X-wurf

weisser welpe

White Collie puppy with tricolour colored head

colliewelpen X-wurf

The white collie is as healthy and alert as all the other colors. Queen Victoria is also known to have kept, loved and bred white Collies. The American type is 60-64 cm tall and weighs up to 38 kg. He has a slightly different face shape with a stronger head and larger eyes, the whole body is more substantial. You can clearly differentiate between the smooth top coat and the undercoat, and the undercoat is less luscious and therefore less prone to entanglement. Furthermore, the American standard allows even more colors that are not allowed in the FCI standard. The white collie has the typical drawn collie head with sable, tricolor, blue-merle or sable-merle head and becomes predominantly white only after the typical ruff. Stains are quite possible. Ideally, the white content is 80%, but deviations are the rule. The American Collies Club has adopted the American breed standard and breeds Collies in the American type in five recognized color variants, also in white and sable merle.

colliewelpen X-wurf

weiße Collies

Weißer Blue Merle Collie Welpe
White Collie puppy with blue merle badge
Weißer Coliewelpe
White and white faktorierte absolutely health proof and hereditary american longhair collies from reputable by the veterinarian controlled and tested Collie kennel. From official veterinarian after §11 approved collie breeder from Baden Württemberg directly at the Bavarian border.

weißer Collie sable Kopf
If you are looking for a full-fledged, really absolutely healthy and solid, yet beautiful and incorruptible family member, that goes with you through thick and thin, then you are right with us. Family connection is required and essential.


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