Pedigree from my rough Collie female
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Collies vom Hause Melchert
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Tiffany is CEA clear ( normal )
she is MDR1 +/+, PRA +/+
 and HD A and ED 0

Colliehündin Tiffany
Vaterlinie:     Van-M Balloon Pilot
    Van-M Pal Joey II  
      Van-M Sultans Archival
  Van-M Hurricane the next Star    
      Van-M Brave new World
    Van-M little Red Logo  
      Van-M Little Red Bow
Ikarus Inishea vom Hause Melchert      
      Westoak Firewalker
    Evolution in Blue of Lady`s Dream  
      Highland Hill Look at me
  Twilight Twinkle vom Hause Melchert    
      Tabasco vom Hause Reinhard
    Jungle Jakaranda vom Hause Melchert  
      Esmeralda vom Hause Melchert

Mutterlinie:     Quincy Jones of Slatestone
    Brilyn Hot Tip  
      Sissi Sausewind vom Traumland
  Paddys Polonaise vom Adlewappen    
      Kezmar Rocky Romance
    Sunny Grace vom Adlerwappen  
      Quo Vadis Peppermint Patty
Golden Goddes vom Imchen      
      Silvermoor Highland Chief
    Golden Bodyguard vom Imchen  
      New Line von Belvedere
  Lady Eliza vom Imchen    
      Rosegarden`s Oh Sweet Candy
    Romantic Candlelight v. Traumland Woblitzsee  
      Quo Vadis Talk to me
If you are looking for a full-fledged, really absolutely healthy plus beautiful and incorruptible family member that goes with you through thick and thin, then you are right with us. Family Connection is a condition and essential.   

Collie Züchter Baden Württemberg

Collie Züchter vom Hause Melchert


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